The Varieties of Tea- Here is What You Should Know

There are so many varieties of liquid drinks available that we can consume. There are so many tea lovers out there who cannot even skip the consumption of tea in the summer. They are diehard fans of tea, and this article is for all of them. There is a need to try different things so that you can know their tastes as well. There are varieties of tea, as you have heard about the coffee varieties.  

Here we will discuss some of them that we cannot miss trying:

  • White tea:

So this kind of tea is mainly made in Nilgiris and Darjeeling. The white tea here is a non-processed tea that is naturally oxidized. White tea is also further categorized as tribute eyebrow, white peony, etc. It is having floral aroma and is not high in caffeine. The white tea is made with a fruity and fragrant aroma, and you must try it once.

  • The black tea:

You have heard about the black tea many a time, and it is widely taken due to its stronger nature. You will feel the layered and brisk kind of taste of this tea. You can buy CTC tea and many other flavoured teas online with just a click. The black tea has caffeine content but is not that high. If you think the only black tea you can have is with your usual tea leaves, then you are wrong. The varieties of flavours, including spice, mint, pepper, etc are available in black tea. The reason why you should drink black tea is it helps strengthen your heart and protects your heart from the risk of heart disease.

  • Green tea:

Here is one of our favourite drinks when we start going to the gym. For all health-conscious lovers, green tea is the best choice. It is an herbal tea that is filled with lots of benefits. Green tea comes in a lot of flavours that you can try to get all the health benefits. You must initiate the habit of green tea to enjoy the benefit of clear skin, weight loss, less acne-prone skin, immunity-boosting, metabolism booster, etc. You can consume it anytime as it is available all year long.

  • Milk tea:

It is also known as chai, and there are many chai lovers. The chai is made using CTC tea, milk, and other spices and sugar. You will feel the creamy aroma coming out of the chai when it’s cooking. The chai is usually high in caffeine. It is just like an Indian snack that people won’t mind taking. It helps in making you feel refreshed after trying, and that is why you must try.

  • The iced tea:

This is one of our favorite drinks in the summer as it is filled with ice. The eta blends of iced tea are available all year long and are a great choice in summer.

So, these are different types of teas from about fifteen hundred varieties available worldwide. All these have different benefits that we can’t miss.

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