6 Ways to Make Your Green Tea Taste Better and Not Bitter

If we talk about the most liked beverage around the people, then green tea will top the list. This tea is not only a beverage, but it also acts as herbal medicine which we must consume. Green tea is available in many flavors say honey, lemon, tulsi, moringa, etc., and all of them taste different. 

There are many perks of consuming green tea every day and losing weight quickly, preventing the risk of cancer, and boosting immunity are some of them.

One complaint that most green tea drinkers have is the bitter taste of green tea. Its taste is vegetal and nutty. But those who are talking about its bitter taste should learn about the ways in which they can make it taste better. One thing about this is we need to use filtered water always to make green tea. But what most people do is use tap water to make green tea.

Here are some of the ways to try to make your green tea taste better; take a look:

  • Always selecting high-quality tea bags: Always choose the best quality green tea bags or leaves so that you don’t have to regret it later. If the quality of the green tea bags is low and the bags are most likely to leak, then there are more chances to have the bitter taste of green tea. So, make sure you choose the right tea bags or leaves to make your favorite green tea. 
  • Avoid the use of boiling water: So, next time you will make green tea make sure the water temperature is right. If you want to make your green tea taste good, then avoid keeping the green tea for long in hot water. Doesn’t use the immediate boiling water rest it for one or two minutes before you add tea bags. 
  • Make sure to add lemons: The lemons can add a flavory fragrance to green tea, which will immediately change the taste of the tea. If, even after all the possible efforts, you are experiencing bitterness, then it’s time to use lemons. Add lemon juice or also the cut pieces of the lemons. Also, you can try the flavor of peaches, apples, and oranges in this. 
  • A little sugar to set all: To set the bitterness out, you can also try the sweeter or powdered sugar. But the best alternative to the sweeter is honey. Add natural honey as it helps in dissolving quickly in green tea bags with the instant flavour add up. If you are more health-conscious, then avoid artificial sweeter or sugar. Rather, try stevia leaves. 
  • Adding mint to your tea: So, if you are only concerned with the bitterness going away, then adding mint leaves can help. Just two or three leaves of mint in the green tea will help. 
  • Let it be a little cold: The green tea can taste bitter when consumed hot; you can try the cold green tea as well. 

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