7 Effective Ways to Improve Your Chances of Conceiving

Having a pregnancy is different for different females of reproductive age. Some of you conceive as you wish while some of you have to struggle a lot and even need medical intervention to get pregnant. As per a study, a healthy woman has only a 20% chance of becoming pregnant each month. 

Dr Suchitra Reddy, one of highly experienced fertility experts at Archish IVF Centre Bangalore, says females can improve their conception chances.

As per the held discussion with her, here are some effective ways to improve your chances of conceiving:  

  • Eat a well-balanced and healthy diet every time

Having a healthy diet is crucial for every health conscious person. It becomes more important for you when you want to enhance your pregnancy chances. Whatever you take as your breakfast, lunch, supper, or dinner must have all the nutrients – carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, and minerals. You need to focus more on your intake of iron, fatty acid, protein, and vitamin C & D. Your diet should include:

  • Whole grains and cereals 
  • Fresh and green vegetables 
  • Seeds, nuts, and beans 
  • Fruit 
  • Pasteurised dairy products 
  • Lean meat 
  • Dry fruit 
  • Manage your weight

Being underweight or overweight is not good for your general as well as reproductive health. It can cause pregnancy delay and complications. For a healthy and successful pregnancy, you need to have a healthy body weight. Tracking your BMI can help you a lot in this regard. Your BMI should be between 18.5 to 24.5/25.   

  • Be physically active

Along with a balanced diet, you need to be physically active and avoid living a highly sedentary life. Exercising helps you burn your calories, improve blood circulation in your body, manage your body weight, and feel refreshed & fit. For better reproductive health, you can opt for 

  • Morning/evening walk for 15-30 minutes a day or 150 minutes a week 
  • Swimming 
  • Cycling 
  • Running if you can 
  • Household work 
  • Stairs instead of escalators/lifts 
  • Stay away from stress and anxiety

In today’s fast world, it is hard to completely stay away from mental issues like stress and anxiety. A little bit of stress is good, as it encourages you to give your best. However, having too much stress is not good for your general as well as reproductive health. You must work to minimise its impact when you feel stress. To lower your stress level, you can:

  • Meditate 
  • Watch light and funny programs or videos on TV
  • Practise deep breathing 
  • Count down from 100 to 1
  • Have regular sex

Having regular sex can help you increase your conception chances. It can make you get pregnant, especially during ovulation that occurs in the middle of your menstrual cycle each month. You can predict your ovulation by tracking your menstrual cycles or using a Home Ovulation Prediction Kit. 

  • Request your male partner to maintain sperm health

You can get pregnant when your male partner’s sperm is good in terms of count, shape, and motility. And for having healthy sperm, your male partner needs to stay away from drinking, smoking, and illicit drugs. Further, he needs to eat healthy, exercise daily, and maintain a healthy body weight.   

  • Control your drinking, smoking, and caffeine intake

Alcoholic beverages, caffeine, cigarettes, pipes, cigars, and tobacco products are not good for your general health. They can cause you serious health issues. Further, it can make your ovarian reserve go down, cause conception delays, and make you face pregnancy complications and birth issues if you get pregnant. It is better to leave all your bad lifestyle habits. 


Pregnancy behaves differently for different females. With time, your pregnancy chances decrease. However, healthy diet, stress management, sound sleep, regular exercising, and frequent sex can help you increase your conception chances.

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